We are committed to being single use plastic free

In 2018, the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnam, pledged that he wanted to make Manchester single use plastic free. We are committed to doing our bit to help achieve this pledge in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that all of our takeaway cartons, boxes and cutlery are Vegware, which is made from plants, not plastic
  • Working with our suppliers to find new ways to combat plastic use
  • Only stocking PET plastic bottled cold drinks (which can be easily recycled around campus)
  • All of our sandwich packaging is plastic free

Sometimes, we like to live life on the veg...

All of our cafes across campus offer a range of vegetarian and vegan choices, from sandwiches and salads to vegan chocolate brownies, veggie and vegan pies and pasties to delicious sushi. There really is something to suit everyone. We also offer delicious milk alternatives in our hot drinks, just ask our team member for more details.

Where we can, we work with local suppliers

A great example is Barbakan Deli, based just down the road in Chorlton, this award winning family run bakery deliver our fresh pastries every morning. Or local initiative HMPasties, who work in Bolton to create lovingly made pies and pasties for you to enjoy here on campus.

If you fancy fresh organic veg of your own? In partnership with the University, Veg Box People, an organic box scheme, was launched in 2015. Every Tuesday you can collect an organic veg box of your own from outside our Greenhouse Cafe with different sizes available to suit your needs.

Our water gives back

We only sell One water in our outlets. One are an ethical organisation whose profits fund sustainable water projects for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. So, whilst keeping hydrated on campus, you can feel proud to have contributed to such a fantastic cause!

We encourage you to get your Eco on

Our takeaway cups are made from Vegware and not plastic. Whilst this is much better for the environment, we are still keen to encourage a more sustainable solution.

From September 2019 we will now charge 20p for every disposable cup we give out, the profits from which will go towards local sustainability and community projects.

We are a Fairtrade University

We only sell Fairtrade tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar, orange and apple juice. Buying Fairtrade makes a huge difference to the lives of the producers of these products, their families and communities as it ensures they get a fair price for their produce. The University first received Fairtrade certification in 2005.

We are free range

All of the milk used in our delicious hot drinks is free range, and comes from a local lancashire dairy run by the Stephenson family.

We are working to ensure that we only sell products that contain sustainably sourced palm oil

We care about forest preservation and conserving the habitats of those that live in them. Therefore, we are working with our suppliers to try and ensure that we are only stocking products that use sustainably sourced palm oil.

We take allergens really seriously

All our cafes and outlets have QR codes on display that you can scan to view all of our product allergens. Please, just ask if you are unsure. Our friendly team are there to help!