Manchester Veg People

In 2011 we embarked on an exciting project to support a start-up cooperative, called 'Manchester Veg People', whose aim was to increase the number of organic veg growers in and around Manchester. The cooperative required a reliable buyer committed to food sustainability and supporting the local economy and they initially supplied one of our restaurants once a week with organic salad leaves.

Four years later, the cooperative now provides two deliveries a week to our University catering teams who spend around £40,000 a year on local, organic, seasonal veg from in and around Manchester.

One Water

We only sell One Water, an ethical bottled water that donates all of its profits to fund PlayPump® water systems in Africa. It costs no more than other water brands, but buying from One means the money made goes to building PlayPump® water systems which supply free and clean water to people who previously had to walk up to 10km to their nearest, often contaminated, water supply.

One has raised over £10m in just 10 years and changed over 2.5 million lives along the way.


We sell Fairtrade tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar, orange and apple juice. Buying Fairtrade makes a huge difference to the lives of the producers of these products, their families and communities as it ensures they get a fair price for their produce. The University first received Fairtrade certification in 2005 and so we celebrate 13 years of being a Fairtrade University this year. The 2017/18 Fairtrade statement is available here.

Animal Welfare

We are committed to ensuring animal welfare standards are as high as possible. As a result:

  • All our eggs and chickens are free range.
  • All our fish appear on the Marine Conservation Society approved list, meaning that any fish deemed at most risk of extinction are not caught. The society works to reduce overfishing, which is having a dramatic impact on life in our seas.

Hug Mugs

We go through the equivalent of 550 trees worth of disposable cups a year. In order to tackle this problem we launched a reusable mug known as the 'Hug Mug' which we sell in all our cafes and restaurants across campus for £6. If you use a Hug Mug to buy hot drinks or soup you save 20p each time.

Worldwide one million disposable cups end up in landfill every minute and each cup can take up to 50 years to landfill so disposable cups are a big problem for the environment. So why not buy a Hug Mug and start reducing your impact now?

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